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About Us

Fabien Bouhier is a social media expert by day, working for Google in Malaysia and a Quantum Physics enthusiast by night. His idea is to make knowledge accessible to everybody – with or without any mathematical background – for free, and that was why in 2016, with his friend Aaron Shunk, they have build their own science social platform called PubliSci to share their love of science with other people.

After receiving a Certificate of Completion in Quantum Mechanics and Computation from BerkeleyX, Fabien entered and won the “Try Zero G” contest organized by the Malaysian National Space Agency (ANGKASA), and the Ministry of Science and Technology and Innovation (MOSTI). His experiment interestingly titled “Growing Bubble in a Glass of Water” has been
performed in the International Space Station by JAXA’s (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency) astronaut, Koichi Wakata, in zero gravity conditions and presented at TEDxKL in 2014.

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Aaron Shunk is a geologist/ biologist with an unwavering passion for nature and science. He is from the state of Indiana in the US, where he grew up exploring nature in a rural environment. His undergraduate is in Biology/ Education, and his master’s and PhD degrees are in Earth and Planetary Science and Geology. He has published multiple international papers in the field of PaleoClimate, and after finishing a PhD joined industry. Recently, his research attention has been directed towards quantum mechanics, and has been driven by pure passion but minimal formal training. Aaron and Fabien teamed up to pursue a dream called PubliSci.com, which seeks to break down the walls of inaccessibility to science by providing an online forum to share and build science for people anywhere the internet is available.

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