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Photosynthesis example


Don’t we all like doing this thing, every few seconds from the day we are born, called breathing?

You’ve seen a lot of people and documentaries talking about deforestation and some will think: “Another bunch of hippies high on pot”! but you might want to understand first what trees are doing for us before judging.

So we breathe in Oxygen and breathe out Carbon Dioxide (going to repeat this word quite a lot so let’s call it CO2) - we know that - but where does it all come from and where does it all go?


You guessed it - TREES!


They absorb water through their roots and distribute it all the way up their leafs. Those leaves absorb the CO2 from the air - which is super handy as this is what we, and animals, breathe out!


The water and the CO2 are mixed together in the tree’s cells called Chloroplast. Those cells are using Solar energy as a source of fuel to mix the above magic potion and transform it into Oxygen and Sugar.


The trees keep the sugar to themselves to grow taller - sweet tooth - and release the Oxygen back into the air for us to breathe.


In case you haven’t realized it yet - we need the trees to exist as much as they need us.

We are in symbiosis (from Greek Living and Together), our survival depends on how much we take care of our forests.


Think next time you throw that paper away, every little daily efforts count, RECYCLE!


Check out the Youtube video for a nice visual explanation.


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