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FiT-DNA: assembling gods one letter at a time


FiT-DNA (which stands for Fine Tuned DNA) is the only theory that I know of that can beat Kurzweil’s Singularity to the punch and, probably, the only theory we should invest most of our resources in if we are really serious about hitting the Jackpot.

"The idea of the FiT-DNA is that in our fine tuned universe (that just happened, probably among other infinite number of universes) life started in a very primitive way, with a scrambled DNA. Think of it: if the DNA was so “perfect” (from the very beginning), as the fundamental numbers/constants, then it would have been no need for life to evolve ( is π .. evolving by changing its digits?), through, mainly, DNA “accidents.” There were bad, neutral and good “accidents”; I call the good ones the unscrambling process, which, so far, only happened by chance.  The educated unscrambling process I’m proposing means editing the DNA to the point where it rhymes with the fundamental numbers that rule our universe AND made life possible. We can wait 2,000,000 years for some lucky DNA accident to happen, or we can design “the accident” ourselves."

See the whole story at FiT-DNA (www.FiT-DNA.com)


See it at FiT-DNA.