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Quantum Entanglement: A Thought Experiment

Source Quantum Entanglement Lab - by Scientific American


Paul Millot


Quick Tutorial: How do you entangle particles?




When the photon passes through the crystal the information is encoded and stored somewhere. Wherever you measure it after that, the entangled pair will always show the same results on the receptors.


But Why?


Nobody knows for sure but here is a little thought experiment:

For this to work we need to assume something that is considered controversial today - Light travels through some kind of medium.

To put this into perspective, let’s say that you are in the position of the crystal receiving the photon, if it had eyes, it could see see the spin of the entangled pair and where they are both heading - if it could speak, it could be able to shout the information to the receptors with the correct information.

Imagine everyday you scan items at the cashier and once in awhile you break something in 2, you warn the rest of the chain to make sure it goes smoothly.

The crystal produce an entangled pair once every triillionth time-ish, it’s starting to feel like a little glitch correcting its mistake.


The Medium that really tells the Future?


Madame Dark Matter.

After centuries of looking at the Sky, we started to understand that they were not enough “normal” Matter (things we can see) in the Universe - Normal matter’s gravity wasn’t strong enough to creating Galaxies and other much complex structures we can in in our Universe.

We started to believe that something else was there but we couldn’t see it - we can only feel it playing with Gravity - when Dark Matter is concentrated somewhere in the Universe, it bends Light.

Another thing is that Darl Mater is everywhere accross the Universe, we just don’t know what it is.

If we assume that our Galaxy, Earth, Us, our Photon are all swimming inside a Dark matter bubble then we can get a bit creative.


The Speed of Light


Since we are assuming that we are swimming inside something we can safely assume that our speed is relative to it.

So Dark matter moves at a speed relative to the Earth,  since Light travels at a constant speed relative to the Earth then the speed of Light is relative to Dark matter - thus not constant.

When we replace the speed of light by the speed of Dark Matter (ç ) from our Quantum Entanglement riddle then the information could travel instantaneously everywhere within the bubble.


Formation of Galaxies


Protons, Neutrons and Electrons are less dense than Dark matter so when the spinning formed the Galaxies and solar systems, the lighter materials were moved to the centre by centripetal Force - like when you empty the water of bathroom, in this case the water in the Dark matter and everything else in the water is Galaxies, Earth, Us and our Photon.

Dark matter fluid so the speed of Light will move at a constant speed through the Dark matter, plus the added speed of the Dark matter, explaining the special theory of relativity on the way.


What about that Time?


We already know that Time is relative - a few hours close to a black hole are decades on Earth.

The faster we get to the speed of Light the slower time moves - we are correctly measuring Time but in our bubble. Right now, with Today’s technology it’s linear we can only measure it one way.

Doesn’t mean it’s not a bit more funky elsewhere.

Let’s summarize our little thought:

  • Light travels through a medium

  • That medium is Dark matter

  • It’s like we are floating in an invisible bubble

  • We can see it because it’s bend Light

  • It’s everywhere in the Universe

  • Speed of Light is not constant

  • It’s relative of the speed of Dark Matter (explains special relativity)

  • Time is measure in relation to Dark Matter

  • Must be funkier somewhere else



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