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PubliSci’s Mission is to enable scientists, innovators and enthusiasts worldwide to engage with Science by creating a collaborative, inclusive, and accessible platform.
Our Vision is for people to communicate, create and share Science together regardless of your background.
As a member of PubliSci you can read or quickly and easily publish a “Bite” on any Scientific topic that you’d like share with the PubliSci community or on Social media. Whether it’s an opinion piece, a list, a review or whateveer,, a Bite’s goal is to communicate a message where anybody can understand.
A post is an idea, topic, finding, any piece of Science that contains data and that you would like to share or work on with the community or on Social Media. It differs from a “Bite” in that the template includes mandatory Abstract and Data/Methods sections.
You can choose to work on a post in private by keeping it as a draft or share it with the Publisci community by inviting them to comment, discuss and/or collaborate with other members.
A Pre-Pub is a draft version of an original scientific paper that has not been published yet.
A PubliSci Pre-Pub is different than a Post because the template contains mandatory Objectives, Conclusion and Introduction sections in addition to the Post mandatory sections which are the basis of most scientific papers.
Once submitted, the PubliSci Pre-Pub is saved and time stamped in our system to secure the intellectual property of the idea. The PubliSci Pre Pub can then be shared and improved with the community or Peer Reviewed by registered and verified experts (Feature coming up soon).
This is a special badge for established experts that are recognized in their fields – generally people with a PHD and/ore publication in any particular Scientific domain.
Additional information and CV are required for internal review to become an expert. Once approved, you will get an "expert" badge on your profile, the ability to Peer Review papers and create your own Forum (both feature coming soon)
The Co-Author box allows you to add the Individuals and Affiliations that contributed to your content.
The Author can add Collaborators and/or Co-Author of any content on PubliSci, your name will appear on the content page and the PDF version.. You also gain points that increase your level within our community and collect badges!
A Post can be converted into a Pre-Pub once all the mandatory fields of a Pre-Pub are completed. In this way you can help build Science with the help of the PubliSci community.
Yes, Pre-Pubs can be submitted to existing journals – they might have a different template than PubliSci.
Security and safety are our priorities.
All PrePubs are permanently archive, full text documents and datasets in our servers.
All posted pre-pubs are immediately citable by their PubliSci Time Stamp (PTS).
For Post we encourage authors to post updates they received from the community as the idea progresses. From the first draft to the final document, we record all the changes in our back end.
Trolling and misbehavior can be reported in the comment section. PubliSci values transparency and open access so members are held accountable for their behaviors.
PubliSci rewards its members for their contributions – every comment, share, like, content posted earns points, badges and some creds!